Hi, we are the Dodoo Coding Club!

  • The Dodoo Coding Club develops educational programs for Ghanaian children and teenagers with a focus on computer science.

  • The goal: We develop a substantial academy of capable computer programmers in Pokuase, Ghana, who can assist companies with IT/coding services.

  • Without the Dodoo Coding Club, kids in Pokuase have no exposure to computers until they enroll in university - meaning practically nobody studies computer science despite the need for capable programmers.

  • The Dodoo Coding Club enables young members of the Pokuase community to become successful computer programmers and pursue rewarding career options. For that purpose, we employ a full-time teacher and program coordinator and are looking to expand our existing premises and IT equipment.

  • We currently have 30 students (50% female!)   We keep updating our LinkedIn page, so please follow the DCC there!

What are donations spent on?

We have a funding requirement of approx. €11,800 p.a.   The majority is spent on the employment of a full-time teacher/program coordinator as well as the technical equipment.   It's our goal to start earning a little bit of revenue by creating websites for local businesses, but this will take approximately another year of training.

Some impressions of our computer lab and students

We study at the Pokuase Community Library in separate groups for junior students (Scratch, Mindstorms) and senior students (currently focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python).

Coders at work

Following the lessons and applying the new skills


Coders displaying our certificates after the pre-COVID workshop in 2020.

Our lab

How we learn in the Pokuase Community Library

Senior Coders

Site Visit at the Ghana Tech Lab Campus

Get to know us!

  These are the children and teenagers currently participating in the DCC programs...

Members of the Dodoo Coding Club

Want to support us?

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