You can contribute.

If you like what we are doing, you and your employer can support our efforts.   Here are a few ways of doing so...

Ways to support the Dodoo Coding Club

Share your knowledge

Do you have skills that you want to share? It can be Python, JavaScript, Image Editing, or anything that helps our coders build their skillset.   Then join us in Ghana - or remotely - for a workshop! Others, like the founders of lohnt es sich, have done this previously :)

Donate to our program

We want to teach more students and expand our program through additional educators and facilities.   Your donations are essential for our progress - and from July 2022, we can finally issue a tax-deductible "Spendenquittung" in Germany :-)

Corporate donations

Is your company upgrading its IT infrastructure? Do you have 10 mobile phones or tablets in good working condition or even branded stationery that you don't need?   We could probably use it!

Donate towards specific goals

You can contribute specific goods or even establish a scholarship for one or several students.

Our current partners

Want to support us?

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